Gauges added (5.7):  Wet Compass, Brake Pressure, Yoke and rudder indicator, aileron and rudder trim indicator.
Custom gauge, custom (active) label. Details are in the manual (Howto section on the menu).

Brake Pressure gauge
Advanced Gauge Editor 1.1

Included in FsClient 5.7 is this separate program that will allow you to take full control of the gauge layout and all its elements. It can do much more than the gauge options in FsClient itself.
The Brake Pressure layout was created
in minutes using the editor. Go easy on yourself using this program, it is complex stuff...

Currently FsXPand functionality is limited to FSWet Compass gauge functions. The key commands have been added to simulate an EFIS control panel. Also some MCP function keys are available. In the future, we will offer a fully functional FMS with regular updates of the navigation data.
We will offer a Basic version, and ad additional FMS version. No need to buy what you don't need

From version 5.4 the enhanced graphics library is in use for all round gauges. For a complete overview of all gauges, check the gauge menu at the left (still to be updated graphically, excuse the crude images).
New gauges not in the list yet: Torque/Power, Dual 737 Altimeter/ASI.


FsXPand/FsClient can use standard game ports or USB game devices to control your aircraft with. A lot of controls are available on the market, compatible with a USB joystick port. All devices (examples here) that are recognized by Windows as some kind of game controller, can be used with FsXPand as a flight control!

FsXPand will allow the connection of 8 joystick devices per PC, bringing the amount of analog channels to an amazing 24 per PC. Each device may have as much as 15 buttons, 120 in total per PC.

So, your gauges are not hardware. They are displayed on a screen. If you put a frame over your flatpanel, with the holes in it at the right places to match the aircraft you are simulating, your panel will look very real indeed.  Using a non-glare plastic cover behind the frame, and some plastic profile to finish the holes, the instruments will very much look like the real thing with a fraction of the cost of hardware clocks, provided you can get the right hardware gauges for your favourite aircraft. Usually there are only a few popular types available.

turbine ITT

If you have no experience with creating the such a frame with precision, you could get one at VFR-COCKPIT. They have panels available for an increasing amount of types. Flyware and VFR-Cockpit are joining forces on this issue to achieve full compatibility. Please tell us if you want a particular type emulated.

FsXPand is very useful to display your auxiliary instruments on your jetliner, next to the EICAS screen.
If you have a classic airliner, FsXPand can provide the gauges for it. Turbine engines (turboprop) are supported.

What is FsXPand anyway?
FsXPand is a solution for cockpit building. If you are looking for an alternative to Project Magenta (PM), FsXPand may be a good starting point.

With FsXPand, all you need to build a cockpit is one or more PC's, and FSX,FS2004 or X-Plane. Please download the (fully functional) package and evaluate. Your sessions will only be limited to 45 minutes each.
What can FsXPand do for the cockpit builder?

FsXPand creates the panels for you, by displaying custom (non-FS!) panel gauges on each PC, selected by you with a click of the mouse. You do not need heavy client PC's or need to run multiple copies of FS. Get the old PC from the attic* and run our panels on it. Drag your panel to extend it over extra monitors. Want to know how it all works? Check the Howto section on the left, it contains the complete manual for version 5.8.

* 1 GHz, 256 MB, basic graphics card like NVidia 5200

Where to get FsXPand/FsClient

FsXPand can be downloaded as an evaluation version, a license must be purchased for time unlimited use. Otherwise the connection time to FS is limited  in time. All the other features are fully functional. FsXPand is also available as a boxed CD version.

boxOrder FsXPand with your choice of our SECURE payment options.

We offer PayPal, NorthStar, Simflight, Compilots and Bank transfer.

Please note that a licensed version of FSUIPC is required for the use of Fs2004 or FSX. Earlier versions (Fs98-Fs2002) run with 2.5 and higher.

If you encounter problems, please post a message at our forum. It is monitored daily.
Latest changes are on the download page.

Standby Attitude Indicator  ALtimeter-ASI

This is how our 737NG backup horizon and combined Altimeter-Airspeed indicator look

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