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NEWS:  Working on an upgrade - next version of FsXPand/FsClient will offer backlighting for the gauges. You can set the colour and depth of your backlighting effect. It can be switched on and of manually, or follow the panel lights switch position in FS/FSX/P3D.

NEWS:  When you have a run-time error 2005530520:
Supposing your graphics driver is the latest one, you may have tried to open another graphics application in full screen, mode, or something similar. This will steal the focus of the rendering system and that of FsClient gauges is lost. Do not run in full screen mode.

NEWS:  FsXPand/FsClient can be run on mini PC's. For instance we have a customer using the client on a ZOTAC ZBOX ID18 Plus SE under 8.1, a € 200,- PC!
NEWS:  For FMS users: If you cannot find your CDU, the CDU gauge checkbox on Panel Setup will only be visible when the FsXPand/FsClient combination has been run in FMS mode at least once. Then, start FsClient only, to get access to the Panel Setup button.
NEWS:  New images by Andy
NEWS:  We have a patch to  fix the annunciator bug. Still fixing a few issues.
NEWS:  Thanks to forum member Madduck we now have a complete instruction (SIOC scripts and all) how to make Opencockpits EFIS work together with FsXpand
NEWS:  Version 7.1.7 available containing the Dash-8 100

NEWS:  Version 7.1.6 available containing the Cessna C208 Caravan including extra engine gauges (Hawkeye upgrade)

- Cessna C208 Caravan
- Alternative engine gauges for Caravan (Hawkeye)

- although the contents of the Caravan are considerable, the package has only grown a few MB.
- we did a cleanup of all gauge files. Each panel directory contains only the gauge files needed.
- we did a cleanup of all bitmap files. All available frames are now in \Imagery\Frames. Please don't touch the needles directory; it is needed.
- frame files have been categorized for gauge type
- on selecting a frame, the dialog points now to directly to the frames folder
- you can now see the entire (possibly too long) path to your file by hovering with the mouse
- a few fonts added

- error occurring while removing a custom label
- annoyance: index of labels as shown in the properties window corercted
- with a reversed scale, start values other than zero caused wrong needle values. You can now safely add negative values as well without tricks.
- when selecting a Collins Horizon, an error occurs (subscript) (wrong hori.ini file in Repository)
- several gauge files replaced in Repository

Thanks again to Sam Lambros for his outstanding graphical work on several gauges!

NEWS:  Released today: final version 7.1
There is no update patch but a complete new install. Please reinstall if you have already version 7.0 on your system.

NEWS: Our Installation guide is at the forum.

  What is new in version 7.1

Basic version:
- Baron 58 gauges added
- Amps and Volts gauge per engine added
- Amps and Volts lots of offsets added
- Prepar3D support added
- Updated: Kingair gauges (all frames, and horizon)
- AI and horizon FD working
- Cessna gauges added
- Kingair gauges added
- Legacy altimeter, vor, turn coordinator and hsi replaced by better generic types
- Gauges now can be selected from available types. They can also be saved as a type after your editing them.
- Failures added: gauges will go black, when a failure flag in FS is set, serving educational purpose
- Black cockpit at startup
In Panel setup, you can choose wether you want the gauges to be black when the battery switch is off. The Radio frames will stay, they are supposed to represent hardware. Radio digits will be black when avionics off. You have to select per gauge whether it will participate in this. You may want to switch off only gauges that represent a digital istrument. Glass cockpit will be off by default.
-Custom label can now have a color, a digit, or both. Great to make your own annunciator panel. The active label will now respond with a front change, or display a value. Choose black - white and add a butterfly mask in your MIP, and presto: a prop sync indicator. ready to use examples will follow.
- Battery voltage - amps -  vacuum gauges added
- Added joystick and key command: Master battery switch - Avionics switch - Autofeather switch - prop sync switch
- There is now a needle stop available in the gauges

- A number of missing negative values in some gauges
- Barber pole in non-linear gauges
- Import 6.x panels
- Flap configuration is now read more often, no reload FsXPand necessary on FS a/c type switching
- It should not be possible to load a CDU in the basic version. Greyed out.
- A few minor bugs fixed.

And more... just impossible to remember ;-)

Please note:
- Advanced gauge properties are suitable only for simple changes to the genereic gauges. If the gauge is built from bitmaps only, you may not understand what happens. For serious editing of a gauges, try the gauge editor. Always keep a backup of your gauge's .ini file.

NEWS: We have started a new forum section, to help you with the installation and configuration of your FsXPand and FsClient.

NEWS:  Prepar3D is under testing and will soon be supported officially.

NEWS:Time to mention a so far undocumented option in FsClient: Programmers can acces a lot of functions from the outside using the HardwareClass. All members can be found in the listing here and here.

NEWS: Lately an increasing amount of people want to use FsXPand together with FsClient on one PC. With PC's becoming faster, that is indeed an option. But then they get into problems, assuming that this will work rightaway.
Since FsXPand and FsClient are connecting to each other via the network, both programs need their own IP address. Please add an extra IP address for the client in that case. More about this can be found in the manual, or in the Howto section, FsClient setup. Please read it.

NEWS: Upgrade CD service: If you have the Boxed version, you may want to receive the latest complete version of FsXpand (no patching anymore), CD replacement. Whenever you see a patch issued, there will be a replacement CD available with the complete version. Check the order page.

NEWS: If you have version 5.x, you still can upgrade, first to v5.8, then the appropriate 7.x option.

NEWS: We have started cooperating with a few guys from the UK to enhance the FsXPand experience further. More about them later.
Soon there will be new products available. One of them is an application that turns your simulator into a multi-purpose training simulator with every situation and a/c type you want at your fingertips by using a few built-in hardware switches.
This makes it superfluous longer to be messing around with situations in FS and having to restart server and clients. It will all be done for you. This program will be available as a separate add-on, not being an integral part of FsXPand itself.
The other program is a controller station to be placed outside your cockpit once your student has been locked in.
For professional use of FsXPand, please send us an e-mail.

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