Ordering FsXPand/FsClient  using PayPal

1. FsXPand 7.x Upgrade CD service (envelope) to latest patched version, Euro 15,50     

2. NEW: FsXPand 7.x, FMS version, Key only, Euro 175,00     (I have downloaded the file)

3. NEW: FsXPand 7.x, BASIC version, Euro 67,50     (I have downloaded the file)

4. NEW: Upgrade to 7.x FMS, for 6.x or 7.x Basic, or 5.8 license holders, Euro 97,50    (I want to upgrade to FMS, and I am a registered 6.x or 7.x Basic or 5.8 user)

5. NEW: Upgrade to 7.x Basic/FMS for 6.x Basic/FMS, or 5.8 license holders, key only, Euro 22,75    (I want to upgrade to 7.x, and I am a registered 6.x Basic or FMS,  or 5.8 user)

Once we have received notification of your payment, your order will be processed ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

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