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Lesson 0 - Network settings

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Topic: Lesson 0 - Network settings
Posted By: fsgert
Subject: Lesson 0 - Network settings
Date Posted: 16 May 2013 at 9:51am
Make sure that the PC where Flight Simulator resides has a network card, a TCP/IP network installed with the following settings (example for Windows XP):

- Right-click My Network Places, select properties
- Double-click Local Area Connection (LAN). In this window, you can see if it is actually doing anything. There should be both packets sent and received.
- Click properties. In this window, there is a list with items. Checked should be:
Client for MS Windows
File and Printer sharing (so you can actually access your files from another PC if you want to)
NWLink Netbios
Internet protocol (TCP/IP).
- Select TCP/IP, click Properties.

The use of a static IP address is recommended.
If not connected to the internet (or generally speaking, not already part of a network):
- In the window, General tab, the selection should be 'Use the following IP address'.
- Enter Subnet mask is
You can leave your gateway empty unless you need to connect to another PC or ethernet modem connected to the internet.
Furthermore, Obtain DNS automatically should be selected. No need for a Domain name server of your own, you are not even needing DNS at all using FsXPand.

Are you being connected to the internet via ethernet modem, you could receive an IP address automatically. This would be one in the range from

All the other settings you can leave as by default.

On your client PC:
A network adapter should be on board. See to it that this PC gets a TCP/IP network installed. Choose an IP address, Subnet mask is again (or set one in the range that your PC1 has got if an automatic one, this could be

Gert Heijnis, Chief

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